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Our Philosophy

The goal of Gardens of the Wine Country is to celebrate and embrace Nature by incorporating it into the concept of your home and your work space.

Gardens of the Wine Country believes that your home and your workplace are a personal and artistic expression of you and your loved ones. Your exterior space should offer you the same peace, tranquility, and personal expression found in the interior of your home and office, while it reflects and compliments your architecture. We help clients manage, maintain, establish, enhance and expand their exterior space so that the personal and artistic expression found in their home and office is extended throughout the entire property.

We feel this goal is especially important to those of us with a unique sense of place and fortunate enough to live in the Sonoma/Napa Wine Country.

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Our Commitment

Generally our clients are busy, sophisticated, professional people who demand and expect a very high level of service, attention and expertise.  We involve our clients as much as they desire, but we also recognize that we are hired to manage their projects and properties for them so they don’t feel compelled to manage us to accomplish their goals.

Whether in good economic times or bad, the place you call home is always a major component of your financial stability and your emotional respite from the outside world.  With those realities as our guiding light, we as a company strive day in and day out to stay connected with our clients and be proactive.  We see ourselves as stewards of your real estate, stewards of your home, your budgets and costs.  It goes without saying that in today’s economy we need to provide a very complete, comprehensive and high quality of service at a competitive price.

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